Tableau Pop Up Expo & Performance Unconventional Encounters

12 maart 2016 10:07
Let your eyes be surprised by contemporary creations, Your mind inspired by discovering new places. And yourself be energized by the artists & designers you will meet. During TEFAF, join the Emerging Art & Design Tour! Enrich yourself with a taste of Maastricht’s contemporary scene by visiting talented artists and designers.

Take the chance to connect with inspiring professionals, see art creations exhibited for the first time and visit artists’ studios.

Emerging Art & Design tour is a unique experience that will enrich all your senses!

The exposition '‘Unconventional Encounters’ is curated by Marjolein van der Loo, with artworks by Sanne Vaassen, Martijn Riksen, Thomas Hütten, Re-Collective, Lucas Kramer & Mike Moonen.

Organised by The Artist and the Others in cooperation with Tableau Magazine & Made2Measure.

Emerging Art and Design Tour

Dates: Sunday 13th & 20th March
Time: 11:00 - 12:30
Charlotte Lagro studio, Tableau pop up exhibition ‘Unconventional Encounters’, B32.
Starting point: Tableau Pop Up expo, stationsstraat 31, Maastricht.

Choose the day that suits you best and join us! Book your place here:
Emerging Art and Design Tour

Thanks for supporting this project with your participation! Feel free to invite your friends: Emerging Art and Design Tour Invite

If you have any question, contact us at
We look forward to giving you a taste of Maastricht’s contemporary art scene.
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